Beas Grønne Oase


One of the many pleasures of the summer is to look into the neighboring garden: Could that bush or that perennials suit my garden? How did they make the kitchengarden? Your curiosity and hunger for knowledge you can find if you visit my garden. I will open my garden gate and invite known and unknown to a pleasant garden visit in Tusvika/Ikornnes.




My garden is non-toxic, informal and lush, the expression is pleasant, wild and beatiful. Here in my garden everything is allowed to grow freely, instead it is emphasized that moods, smells, and small details that will inspire. Feel free to go several rounds to discover the details. The garden is constantly changing eventually because everything is allowed to grow wild, I have perannials, roses, clematis, rhododendrons and other crops. Since local food is so sustainable and popular I grow vegetables in small pallets and in small greenhouses. Fruit trees and berry bushes have got their own place in the garden. All of the waste from the garden can break down to soil again, for there by nourishing new life in the garden. I use both cold, -hot compost and Bokashi to make my own soil.

In the garden it is important to relax and lower your shoulders. Therefore, the various outdoor spaces are furnished with at least one bench or one chair, either you prefer sun or shade. The idea behind this is that there should always will be a place where you can sit down to more easily absorb all the sensory impressions the garden gives you. In the garden you will find a pond with fish that attracs both frogs and other insects.

Call or send a message for an appointment on telephone: 91995589, Beatrice Fleischhack

Entrance kr. 50 per person

The season last to the end of september