Vassætra 462 moh


This is a nice trip that is suitable for all ages, here is a gravel road all the way up to the top. In this idyllically place you will find a smaller and a larger lake that you can take a bath in on warm summer days. When you reaches the top you will get an amazing view of the mountains, fjords and islands out into the ocean gap. To reach the top it takes 40-60 minutes, and it can be categorized as a simple trip.



This trip begins at Hjellane, here you will find a large parking lot on the left side of the road. The first part of the trip starts with 200 meter on paved road, follow the road until you can see a sign that shows "Vassætra". From here there is a nice gravel road all the way to the top. Once you have walked the steepest slopes you have come about half way, if you wish you can take a break when you come up to the surface, you will find a bench on the right side of the road  with a viewpoint. Follow the road until it ends, then you have reached the top. This trip can be combined with a trip to Sandvikshornet or Storevarden.