Roaldshorn 1230 moh


When you arrive up at Roaldshornet you will get a wonderful view towards Storfjorden and Stranda. It takes about 3 hours to reach the top and it can be categorized as a moderately demanding trip.



This trip starts on the border between Stranda and Sykkylven, you will find the parking lot near Svartevatnet.

When you stand at the parking lot at Svartevatnet, you start from the east and then you cross the road and walk a short distance on the outside of the crash barrier. There you will find a good path that is well marked, both with stone blocks and signs.When you have almost reached Langevatnet you have to cross a river. Here you will see that the path divides in two, you must follow the path that goes straight ahead and slightly to the right across the river, and you follow it until you get up to the water. By the lake you will find a sign marked Roaldshorn, follow the stone blocks they will show you the way, the path is clear.