Gimsdalstinden 1007 moh


When you arrive the top Gimsdaltinden it`s quite airy, but you will get an amazing view over the mountains in Sykkylven, fjord and island out in the ocean. This is a demanding trip and it takes about 2,5 - 3,5 hours to reach the top.



Follow FV 60, when you see a petrol station called Cirkel K turn and drive past, then you turn right and continue forward until you reach a new petrol station called Hydro, turn left just before the petrol station and follow Blindheimsvegen until you meet a toll road (40 kr). There is possible to park. Or you can choose to follow the road further forward Skålholtvegen, then follow the road until you reach a parking lot close to a bridge.

Follow the forest road over the bridge and further until you reaches a path, continue to follow the path towards Gimsdalen. The path split just before you arrive the river. You must follow the path to the right approximately 150 meters. Here you will find two stone blocks showing where to go (to the right). From here, the path is clear until you reach the top. The first part og the path is somewhat marshy area, then birch forest and finally rocks.