This is a trip that suits all ages, and it is easy accessible, here you will find both path and gravel path. When you reach the top you will get an amazing view of the mountains, fjords and the islands into the seagap. This trip takes about 15-20 minutes and can be categorized as a easy trip.


Follow the road towards Ramstaddal, drive forward to Dalevegen, there you will see a road sign that shows Haugsetvegen. Then follow the road sign to Statnett, when you have almost reached the end of the road you will see a parking lot at the right side of the road, here the gravel path begins. If you choose to go from the parking lot there is a gravel path all the way up to the top. You can also choose to park further down, here you will find a nature path on the right side of the road, look for a sign that shows "Fagrefjellet", the path is clearly visible all the way to the top. Sometimes it can be a littlebit wet in the path due to marshy terrain but if you wear good shoes this would be no problem.