Blakstad Gard


Blakstad Gard invite children and adults to visit the farm. Here you will experience a beautiful nature with several different animals and birds. You can try to ride the horse or you can try yourself as a blacksmith, or you can test how good you are at archery. If you are one of those which are interterested in history, there is a grave down by the sea from the Viking Age. In the cozy barn verything is ready for you to enjoy waffles, cakes, sausages, coffee and soda.


Open every sunday 12.00-16.00 pm

During the public holidays the farm is open tuesdays and thursdays from 12.00-16.00 pm

Adr: Sørestrandvegen 1009, Ikornnes, Sykkylven

Family: 300 kr
One ticket: 80 kr

Season familiy: 650kr
Season one person: 225 kr